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After decades of anticipation, this is what it's like to check off the top spot of the bucket list.

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We can still be tourists in our own hometown.

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The last few months include hosting guests in Lisbon and traveling to beautiful places.

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The best of Catalunya -- from Gaudí to Dalí to time with the Reisses.

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Simply Living

February 10, 2024 Cody Said/She Said

Cody's latest adventures and Alli getting a little more settled into Portuguese life.

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A Road Trip with Captain

January 20, 2024 He Said

Keeping an annual tradition, Chad headed to Nazaré with a friend.

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New Year's with the Andersons started in Iceland and ended in Lisbon.

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This Is Why We're Here

December 11, 2023 They Said

Long weekends to UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Time to keep on travelin'.

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"Out for American"

December 10, 2023 He Said/She Said

Thanksgiving Day is just Thursday in Portugal, but it doesn't have to be.

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The Power of Three

November 15, 2023 Everyone Said

The three of us just finished our third month, and now we're officially residents of Portugal.

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